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What we do for you

If you are an artist looking to get promoted on the web and on the ground, out there in the real world, then Comuniart is for you.  Whether you are a painter, musician, band, graphic designer or actor - we are dedicated to bringing your talents to more people. As well as selling your work, we organise events like art exhibitions and open mic nights to put your work out there. We only charge 25% of the final sale price of any item we sell or job we get you so you have nothing to lose by signing up. Also the items you list on the site always remain yours to do as you please with (unless they sell) and can be removed by you at any time. If you would like more information please check our fees policy.

How to join

Click Artist Join on the home page or in your account page (if you already have an account).

Choose a location

When you sign up you will be asked to choose a location from a list - choose the city you live closest to as this is where your work will be promoted the most. Be as specific as possible.

Creating a public profile and Adding artwork for sale

Comuniart provides you with two spaces to feature yourself and your work: Artist Profile and Artwork for sale.

Once accepted, you will be granted artist status and the options to create a public profile and add art work for sale will appear in your account details page, then you can get started.  Once you have an account you can access your account details page by clicking your name at the top of the page.

Your artist profile is there to represent you on the site, in it you should include info about yourself as an artist and pictures / videos of your work.

Artwork for sale allows you to upload different items for sale. Here too you should include pictures of each item. If you are providing a service rather than a product, you only need to build an artist profile. 

Tagging yourself and your work

When you build a profile, and upload work for sale, you can tag yourself and your items with categories: Genre, Subject, Medium etc. So when people search / browse for something specific they will be able to find you and your work. Take the time to tick all the categories that apply to you in each list.

Check out the Profile page example for guidance on how to write a good artist profile.

Before signing up please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Thank you.